It is generally accepted that we are facing an unprecedented situation, with all that it entails. One of the most immediate challenges for businesses across sectors was to enable a mass transition to remote working due to the pandemic. Our development teams were able to cope with the transition seamlessly. 
The importance of data tracking is that your whole business depends completely on the customers’ decisions. The more visitors that come to your website, the more profitable it is. Google Analytics and Drupal websites can now cooperate successfully thanks to an amazing purpose-built module.
Online stores have evolved considerably these last years and technology has unlocked capabilities like augmented reality and gamification. Here are 7 eCommerce trends to adopt for better interactions, conversions and profitability.
What makes Drupal different from other Content Management Systems is its flexibility and scalability. We have a look at world–renowned corporations built on this open–source framework.
Fact is, SEO is perhaps more important now than ever. Just 5% of respondents said SEO would decrease in importance. Even more reason to pay extra attention to SEO now — your competitors are likely doing the same. 
Beauty eCommerce stores are capturing the interest of consumers with experiential, digital–fuelled playgrounds. Having thoroughly analyzed world–renowned beauty stores, we have rounded up a list of must have features that are imperative to the beauty industry.
We tend to focus on designing and reacting to a customer's interactions, that we forget about the end–user. Sure, there are plenty of tips on how to improve a website’s UX. However, these tips have one goal, one message: improving UX to boost conversion rate.
Drupal 9 is, in a very technical sense as much as an essential one, an upgrade in true spirit. Dries Buytaert – the original developer of Drupal – has made it clear that Drupal 9 will be a cleaner version of Drupal 8, due in great part to the fact that the former is being built on top of the latter, essentially adding new functionality as backward-compatible code. Are you ready?
The need for speed. Fact is, that 47% of users expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less. Being such a critical component of almost all websites speed optimization is important, and perhaps the lowest hanging fruit, when it comes to improving the front–end performance of your site. Here are seven ways to keep your website speed up to standard.
Here at Tabs and Spaces, we use Drupal Commerce to stay ahead of the pack. With the eCommerce platform and CMS on equal footing, Drupal suits and adapts to meet the ever–changing marketing needs. We compiled a list of reasons we think Drupal is at the forefront when it comes to your online business.  
React was developed by Facebook. Angular was developed by Google. Both are known to be the largest technology giants across the globe. But which frontend framework makes the cut? We put an end to the React vs Angular debate through an overview of key differences. 

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