Our API development and integration services enable websites, web applications and mobile apps to seamlessly mobilise your data across complex systems, streamline the development process and bridge the gap between software platforms to communicate with one another. API stands for Application Programming Interface and it roughly defines the processes and calls that allow one application to connect and communicate with other programs. In other words, an API is a language that allows one program to send information to another, making sure they both understand each other. By doing this your website or application 'gains' all the information available through the program's API.

API Integrations by Tabs and Spaces

We integrate APIs for organizations of every scale. Whether creating field APIs for custom forms and microsites, content feeds from social media, or native mobile apps, our team handles every challenge with expertise. Our APIs are designed and built to be secure, resilient and scalable. From a company perspective, APIs allows others to change things that aren't working and create new functionalities that complement your own. APIs are becoming more and more common and most companies now have their own API to allow others access to their data.

API's are useful for highly specialized web applications and websites in that they work by giving visitors and customers more flexibility and capabilities on the site. It can help make your website more 'friendly' by connecting to other programs and giving or requesting information. A good example is when you use your Facebook account to register or login to another program. The programming that allowed those two to connect is the API. Another example is when a shopping cart gives you the shipping rate from a delivery company. The API lets you send the shipping company information on the shopping cart and the company replies with the available quotes.

We have extensive experience with a large variety of web services and using SOAP, REST, XML-RPC as well as JSON and other communication methods. We have worked with some of the biggest companies’ API services such as Google Ads Manager, Mailchimp and Hubspot, integrating these to custom platforms and websites throughout. Our Mailchimp API Newsletter Integration, allows for the on-the-go creation of newsletter’s through Drupal’s UI – whilst allowing admins to send the newsletter directly to Mailchimp and from there on to the mailboxes of their newsletter subscribers! 

Playing around with Google Ads Manager API has resulted in us building our Drupal 8 based module, Google Ad Manager Workspace, whilst our Hubspot integration allows us to combine business intel with raw data at a company-wide level. API Integrations are a must for any respectful company looking to venture into online commerce. Our team has experience building eCommerce solutions integrated to our customer’s ERP system, streamlining processes and allowing for the ERP to serve as the go-to point for any store management needs. 

Our engineers have build fully functional integrations with Powersoft365 for our clients OJO Sunglasses and Hadjistyllis Videotronics, leveraging multiple warehouses and stores found both in Cyprus & Greece. Not a Powersoft customer? Not a problem! We worked with eSoft, Microstorm’s POS API, SAP and Oracle. If you are looking to receive online payments of any sort you are at the right place. Our experienced teams have built integrations with Paypal, Braintree, Mangopay, Stripe and the Cyprus–based JCC Payments & SIX Payments giving you a wide variety of options when looking for an online merchant account.

The times for API integration vary depending on how complex the API is. Most APIs come in the form of a library that includes specifications for routines, data structures, object classes and variables. In other cases an API is simply a specification of remote calls. These factors plus how clear the API documentation are all points that our developers will have to evaluate in order to give you a firm integration date.

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