We are a leading website development company that adapts to the ever–changing, ever–growing business environment, bringing agile to customer support. Our team comprises of growth–bound Drupal developers, architects, themers, back–end experts and content marketers. From custom portals and corporate websites to mobile applications and eShops, we have multi–faceted skills and together we lay the foundation for any project we pursue. 

Our mission is to provide your organization an interactive, immersive and branded website that will position you at the forefront. Once we've developed a sense of what you are looking for, and we've learned about your services, it’s time to get to work. No matter how complex or demanding your request may be, we implement the best coding standards to make sure our markup – and your website – are well optimized for faster load and optimal performance.

We believe that good design is essential to turn business goals into digital solutions that hit the right spot. We help you define your user-centered strategy and design growth–driven, beautiful interfaces. In an increasingly connected world, websites have become imperative to modern customer engagement strategies. We thrive on discovering new, creative and technical ways to give you and your clients that covetable competitive edge. 

Fact is, landing pages are a crucial cog in the conversion funnel. And while websites can yield fantastic results, the new generation of micro–sites features not only artistic and creative presentations of your products or services but also useful information that is easier to absorb. Build on top of Laravel PHP Framework, our one pagers are developed and designed to lead to a single, prominent goal – lead generation. 
It takes about one tenth of a second to conjure up the first impression about a person. And your company's website is no different. The first glance has a priming effect on how a prospective client will interact with your business. Here at Tabs and Spaces we build bespoke websites, designed and developed to meet your strategic goals. Our mission is to provide your corporation with a professional and branded website that'll set your business apart from your competitors.
We have the technical skill and battle-tested processes to skyrocket your online sales. We specialise in designing and developing end-to-end, conversion focused, eCommerce solutions to streamline purchasing, automate workflows and manage high-volume transactions, all through the ease of your company’s existing ERP system. Taking your business online means no more office attachment and operational expenditures. With global reach and targeted marketing, an eCommerce platform will enable your company to achieve scalable growth and ultimately, penetrate international and niche markets. 
Our dev teams have the necessary knowledge and expertise to build functional web applications, available online to thousands of users in any country of the world. Tabs And Spaces has experience with several PHP frameworks. With Laravel PHP framework being our favourite when it comes to the development of web applications we can also work with Zend, CodeIgniter and CakePHP.
Apps are the fastest growing digital segment nowadays, and a powerful way to stay connected with your audience. We offer App Development for both Apple and Android Devices, covering smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. We utilise cutting edge technologies that ensure the most engaging and sophisticated essence for your business needs and customer experience. 
At Tabs And Spaces we proud ourselves to have built some of the highest traffic and most reputable media portals within the country. We build our media portals on Thunder - a Drupal 8 distribution, with emphasis on performance, user experience and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Thunder is web-based, open-source, Drupal-8 based Content Management System (CMS) for professional publishing. Thunder was designed by Hubert Burda Media and released as an open-source software under the GNU General Public License in 2016 thus everyone can use and enhance the system at no extra cost. 
A solution that is user friendly, yet so powerful. We are certified Shopify partners with over 9 years platform experience. We are comprised of designers, developers and brand architects with proven success. We equip brands with the most modern tools to cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with their audiences. We equip our clients with the most modern tools to cultivate meaningful, enduring relationships with their audiences. This helps convert a community into paying customers, speeding up growth through the power of design.
Our API development and integration services enable websites, web applications and mobile apps to seamlessly mobilise your data across complex systems, streamline the development process and bridge the gap between software platforms to communicate with one another. API stands for Application Programming Interface and it roughly defines the processes and calls that allow one application to connect and communicate with other programs.

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