Here at Tabs And Spaces we design and develop end-to-end, conversion focused, eCommerce solutions to streamline purchasing, automate workflows and manage high-volume transactions, all through the ease of your company’s existing ERP system. Taking your business online means no more office attachment and operational expenditures. With global reach and targeted marketing, an eCommerce platform will enable your company to achieve scalable growth and ultimately, penetrate international and niche markets. 

Following the recent changes in Google’s algorithms, content marketing is pivotal for any online marketing strategy. Which is why, a potent content management system (CMS) must be integrated into an eCommerce solution. 



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We use Drupal to build your eCommerce

It’s a competitive world for an eCommerce site, which is why we use Drupal to stay ahead of the pack. With the eCommerce platform and CMS on equal footing, Drupal suits and adapts to meet the ever–changing marketing needs. Renowned for its security and seamless payment gateways, the whole gamut of our clients have experienced Drupal's secure, powerful, versatile and search engine friendly rationales. Drupal Commerce is the only commerce platform built upon an enterprise CMS. It connects content and products seamlessly to drive online sales and influence offline sales through a rich user experience, optimized merchandising tools, and proven SEO tools.

It is ideal for all types of physical and non-physical items that require unique payment models (i.e. recurring, licensing, subscription). Drupal Commerce provides for the development of an administration system and customisable workflow that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to execute changes and test new ideas, making it the perfect fit for marketing-driven commerce. Loading speed is especially important for online stores. Users want to browse your website, compare various products, and place orders without delay. Drupal 8 has powerful caching techniques for faster loading. One of them is the innovative BigPipe, which lets you serve static website elements to users instantly and load dynamic ones next. 

We can’t ignore the fact that most modern Internet users frequently prefer browsing the web through a mobile device. Unfortunately, not all out-of-the-box frameworks can offer the special tools for adapting initially desktop solutions to the specific smartphone and tablet dimensions. In turn, our Drupal developers put special effort into creating utterly flexible templates that automatically adapt to any type of display. This is a great advantage in terms of ranking your website in the search results. There is hardly any flaw to be observed in a robust, flexible and dependable CMS platform like Drupal. 


Product Handling 

Your Drupal 8 online store can have whatever products you wish — from simple ones to products with attributes. Each unique combination of attributes is a product variation in Drupal Commerce 2.x, and it has its own SKU, or machine-readable ID. This is very convenient for managing your orders and stocks.

Flexible Promotions and Discounts

Engage your customers with promotions! Your Drupal 8 online store will offer you a number of built-in offer types for fixed or percentage amounts. This can work in accordance with conditions that you set. Store admins can create very clever and complex pricing scenarios to entice customers and increase sales. A pricing strategy to increase/boost customer sales. It can include product-based discounts or discounts on the entire order. 

An unlimited number of promotions can be added and will be applied based on the weight that you give each promotion. Promotions with a lower weight will be applied first.


With Drupal Commerce 2.x. you can configure the shipping methods, define which products are shippable, and manage the shipments.The basic features are handled by an add-on module called Commerce Shipping. This module provides an API and plugins for flat rate (both per order and per item) shipping functionality, which allows us to determine the rules for shipping charges. Drupal Commerce is integrated with the Drupal ecosystem. This means there is no need to ensure integration between two standalone systems, nor is there a necessity to have two separate versions for templates. 

Our team will have to master only one set of tools for the system, which makes it easier to control.

Tax Handling
There is no need to bother about specifying the product price with taxes. Drupal 8 can automatically calculate the taxes for you. It has predefined taxes for countries, as well as letting every merchant choose special taxes. The system knows taxing specifics, for example, the difference in VAT calculation for physical and digital products in the EU. 

Account Dashboard

All customers will have access to an account dashboard where they will have the ability to alter their personal details and view information on their past orders.


Our teams have worked with third-party and complex ERP integrations such as Powersoft365, eSoft and SAP. We have worked with multiple payment gateways such as Paypal, Braintree, MangoPay, JCC Payments and SIX Payments giving you a vast flexibility on payment merchant choices. 

To view samples of our work visit our portfolio here or get in touch and learn how we can help you flourish your business online the Tabs and Spaces way. 

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