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The Cyprus Workers Confederation-SEK, established in 1944, is one of the most important social partners in Cyprus within the framework of tripartite cooperation. SEK represents through its affiliated unions, workers in all sectors of the country's economic activity. The mass of members comes from the private sector, but SEK also represents the majority of workers in semi-governmental utilities and services and local authorities, as well as blue-collar public employees. 

We were employed to develop a multilingual mobile app built using React Native. The back-end of the app was built with Drupal 8 CMS. SEK personnel can login to the back-end and manage various types of content such as news, events and questionnaires, each with their own unique attributes. They can also manage their menu structure which is dynamically generated using Taxonomy vocabularies. The content can then be accessed by the app through a custom-made REST API which returns the data in JSON format.



Main App screens consist of: 

Home – displays the main menu for the user’s sector. The menu drills down 3 levels and then it reaches the content page
News – a list of the latest news related to the user’s sector 
Calculators – custom built calculators for: (1) Maternity Subsidy and (2) Compensation
Employee/Employer Warning Events – a calendar view with all of the events relevant to the user’s sector
Questionnaires – a list of questionnaires relevant to the user’s sector

All the content displayed in the app is based on the user’s Sector and language selection.  During the initial launch of the app users are prompted to select their “SEK Sector” and their language. Their selections are stored locally and their content is automatically filtered based on these selections. SEK personnel can also send push notifications from the back-end using a custom module. Notifications are sent using Google’s Firebase Messaging and the recipients are filtered based on their sector selection. 

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