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Tabs and Spaces are proud Technical Partners of TechIsland! With our expert-led team, we helped our partners prepare for the TechIsland Summit by designing and developing their landing page of which hundreds of visitors will be visiting every day. Our partners at TechIsland were clear with their needs and of which we delivered through the expertise and advice of our highly skilled teams.

We delivered:

- A clean interactive design

- Responsive for all devices

- Custom-built on Drupal CMS

Who is TechIsland?

TechIsland a non-profit IT Association, that was established in 2021 to turn Cyprus into a world-class destination for tech talent. TechIsland Summit is a yearly conference, organized by TechIsland. It brings together and engages more than 300 prominent government, technology, business, and thought leaders centered around the most prominent and relevant trends sparking, disrupting, and driving innovation today.


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Mobile Design, TechIsland

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