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MYLIFE is Cyprus' one-stop destination for women's fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment content. Build on top of Thunder – a Drupal 8 distribution – we developed a media portal with publisher–centric modules and custom enhancements. The strategy we employed that would generate measurable results, was to first identify the target audience. The user journeys were important throughout the project, as the website navigation needed to be clear in order for audiences to access information quickly and efficiently. 

MyLife Cyprus Media Portal Development

We implemented live article and infinite scroll modules to enable a constant feed of news. Part of our strategy also included an integration with Mailchimp, which provided the client the ability to create newsletters on-the-go through Drupal’s UI. Performance–wise, we proudly built Google Ad Manager Workspace – a module giving the media portal full flexibility over ads and placements. In tandem with Google Ads, we optimised the website for SEO purposes as to increase the portal's organic traffic. 

Publishing as we know it, will soon be extinct. Major publishing enterprises upgraded their strategy and digitised their content. We have built the most reputable media portals within the country, with emphasis on 3 key pillars: Performance, User Experience and SEO. Get in touch and built with us high in traffic media portals. 

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