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Takis Angelides Furnihome has been selling contemporary, hand-crafted upholstered furniture for over 40 years. We revitalised this corporate website to realign the branding with the company’s impeccable product. Taking into consideration the new brand design and guidelines, User Interface ( UI ) and User Experience ( UX ), a new strategy was created to allow for opportunities to introduce new, client-focused functionality.

The website had to complement the new branding and improved brand perception. Restructuring the website’s architecture allowed users to easily navigate their way through the website and to the key pages. The strategy we developed focused on funnelling users through to the correct areas of the website. This maximised the value of each page, working hard to convert traffic with clear calls to action. The projects were showcased in a grid view and compartmentalised in categories. We have implemented IsotopeJS to filter through the tags for each project. 

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Following the Drupal entity structure, we also developed a tool where we created multiple hotspots for any single file. This functionality enabled us to mark key products within an image, bringing all rooms to life. The hotspots we developed were responsive. When you scale the image, hotspots scale proportionally. The website now works in a way that it encourages users to complete specific actions, as more intricate relationships have been set up between the coveted products and completed projects by TAF.

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