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As a result of the merger between Andreou and Hji Christofis, we developed a new website  to amalgamate the two existing law firms offerings while creating a structure that worked with the legacy of the companies. Taking into consideration the new brand design and guidelines, a new strategy was created to allow for opportunities to introduce new, client-focused functionality.

The new website needed new page templates that would complement the new branding and improve the brand perception. Restructuring the website’s architecture would allow users to easily navigate their way through the website, and to the key business service pages. Therefore it was key that a strategy was developed that would focus on funnelling users through to the correct areas of the website. This would help maximise the value of each page, working hard to convert traffic with clear calls to action.

Built on top of Drupal, the website allows for different areas of the website to be optimised for the user journey. The higher levels of functionality give the new website opportunity to enhance the user experience and give the firm a chance to differentiate themselves while serving content to the core target audiences. The website now works harder to encourage users to complete specific actions, as more intricate relationships have been set up between the different types of content on the website.

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