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Corporate Website
Stonegate Corporate Basic Website Development by Tabs and Spaces Nicosia Cyprus Web Agency

Stonegate is a land development company that specialises in high-end residential properties. Our aim was to build a new corporate website to showcase the state-of-the-art quality of projects and ultimately, attract new prospects. Build on top of Wordpress' modular structure, the website highlights key components as to seamlessly navigate users from one page to the other.  

Stonegate Responsive Design
Stonegate Mobile Responsive Design

Within each project, we had also developed a table to showcase the property's availability and specifications. We also integrated Google Maps to enable users agile experience. The dynamic maps allowed the client to pinpoint the exact location of each project. The website has also been developed with multilingual capabilities – user access and CMS control can be defined by region, so the team can operate independently from one and keep overall control of the website content. Our sister company, Opium Works, took on the branding of the company. To maintain synergy, we developed the website based on the style guide. 

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